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16: Savage Marketer from 5K to 12 Million With Nathan Hirsch

How can you become an authority figure in your area? In this episode, Nathan Hirsch is going to break down his process of building brand authority, plus how he’ll be sharing a little bit about his background and how he managed to turn a $5000 investment into 12 million in revenue.

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15: ECOMM BRANDS: Storytelling To Sell Online with Ryan McKenzie

What makes your brand really stand out, even in difficult times? In this episode, I have the opportunity to share with my good friend, Ryan Mckenzie, about the challenges of working from home, the state of e-commerce in this truly exceptional times, and the importance of transparency in online retail businesses.

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14: 5 Savage Tactics For Podcast Success With James Burtt + Downloadable PDF

This is an exceptional episode for those who, like me, spent hours thinking on how to enter the podcasting world in the right way, adding valuable content into people’s lives. So tune in and don’t miss the chance to hear what this podcast guru has to tell you.

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13: How To Overcome Any Obstacle, Even When It Seems Impossible With Jeff Griffin

There is nothing more powerful than a person determined to go against the odds. In today’s episode, I have the honor to talk with Jeff Griffin, author of the I’mPossible book, who has joined me for this, hopefully, a very impactful episode where we’re just trying to pass some motivation towards these hard times.

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12: A $4 Million Email & SMS Marketing Campaign By A “Fake” Person Named Mandy

Paying attention to details can make the difference between a good marketing strategy and a savage level marketing strategy. Today, we are learning how to turn a death-slow business into a success with the three R’s:

– Reach
– Reactivate
– Recon

To explain each one of these steps and how to apply them into any campaign that you’re working on, we’ll have Connie Pak as our guest today.

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11: How To Build a Business Partnership with Big Brands and Win Twice

On this episode, I have Scott Duffy, a personal mentor, Best selling author, top ten keynote speaker. He has also been the CEO of many companies. Scott shares his journey working with Richard Branson and how it all became about.

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10: How To Run Facebook Ads With Influencers With Dennis Yu

In this episode of Savage Marketer, you’ll get to hear from the Master of Facebook Ads and a mentor of mine, Dennis Yu. You’ll learn some of the most effective and incredibly ingenious hacks to target influencer’s audiences.

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The 10 Commandments to Designing a Best Selling Book-Cover with Pamela Sisson

An effective marketing strategy is a must for the success of even the best product of industry. Reaching the minds of target buyers in the right way is essential for making sales. [tcb-script src=””][/tcb-script] Episode 9: The 10 Commandments to Designing a Best Selling Book-Cover with Pamela Sisson 3 Value Bombs 1. Take note of what […]

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Shift Your Way To Success – with Kevin Phun

Your mindset affects every aspect of your life and is influential your success. This is especially true when you are a marketer. We’ve all heard “what you believe you can achieve ” and we find that statement very powerful for the clients we work with every day. Sit with me and Kevin Phun and let’s […]

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Bounce Back from Setbacks – with Tasha Cooney

Shooting content videos is part technique and part instinct. Depending on the type of content you’re shooting, you may have to shoot on the fly “following the action” or everything may already be planned out in advance. Sit with me and Tasha Cooney, and let’s talk about how she bounced back from her career’s setbacks. […]

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