How to Buy Property with No Banks or Money Down – with Cory Calvin

Let's talk about all-things real estate with award-winning real estate savage Cory Calvin. It's everything you need to know about your home, from buying and selling to improving its value even the current state of the market.

Episode 4: YouTube Marketing Secrets from a 7-Figure YouTube Channel

3 Value Bombs

1. There is no such thing as a problem property, it's about problem ‘ownership’.

2. Here's the good news about thinking creatively: anybody can do it.

3. Mind your own growth and you'll do just fine.

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Cory is focused on multi-family acquisitions and has been investing in real estate since 2012. His main career priority is to show others how to invest in multifamily real estate so they have an alternative means to make big cash flow.

Show Notes

[2:53] At the age of 32, Cory already have 61 properties under his name.

[4:30] Anyone can think creatively- which opens the door to creatively invest in the real estate industry.

[5:24] Take a different way everyday so you can see different opportunities so you'll be able to capitalize with real estate properties.

[6:22] There is no such thing as problem properties, it's problem ownership.

[7:02] Cory Calvin talks about his most savage deal he had experienced after owning 61 properties in his 4 years in real estate.

[8:33] How to close a deal and level up your Real Estate game.

[11:48] Cory said that he had been audited by the government to confirm that he did everything honestly and everything was legit.

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