How to Cold Pitch the Media and Contribute to Big Publications – with Cindy and Kimanzi Constable

Imagine being in your corporate job and wanting something bigger for yourself (we've all been there).

You reach out to a coach for help for achieving those big dreams.

That coach suggests you pitch one of the biggest and most influential women in business... Arianna Huffington.

You're scared ?less, but you do it anyway.

Your pitch lands! ?

And she personally responds to your email, and you're featured in the same day!

Episode: 2: How to Cold Pitch the Media & Contribute to Big Publications - with Cindy and Kimanzi Constable

3 Value Bombs

1. You always have to plan out your life and say, "Where am I going to be or what am I going to be?" and then, start doing it.

2. It only takes an audience of one and one person to take action.

3. I have always gone for the gusto, whether or not from external factors that I was not qualified to do so.

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Kimanzi Constable  is a coach, speaker and consultant. An author of four books that have sold over 150,000 copies, he writes for the following publications; The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs.

Complemented by his business and life partner Cindy Constable, a speaker, and a marketing strategist who supports public bodies in aligning valuable assets with their strategic goals, Cindy is the co-CEO of Results Global Impact Consulting Agency. A boutique digital marketing consulting firm whose main focus is on helping companies get results in the ever-changing Internet marketing landscape. Helping companies leverage the power of large publications and public speaking to grow your business.

Partners in crime, Cindy and Kimanzi is a savage duo.

Show Notes

[2:50] - Cindy shared she was still in the corporate world

[4:48] - Sent her first pitch (Personal Finance) to Ariana Huffington and she published the article

[5:10] - Said Arianna respond personally to approve her first pitch

[8:42] - Kimanzi shared how he started podcasting

[8:49] - In 2011, Kamanzi decided to reach out to Pat Flynn of The Smart Passive Income- where he made a landing page in which the audience can download the podcast, and he made $59 up sell per download. IN a month or so, he made $33,000 up sell for that specific podcast.

[11:03] - He shared the technique he used  so that he can get through to Pat Flynn. he did research, and he discovered that Pat Flynn gives so much importance to his son so he used that information and 23 minutes after sending in his sold pitch to Pat Flynn, he responded. And the rest was history, as they day.

[11:20] - He shared that his pitch to get Pat Flynn's yes for the collaboration was, "You have guests talk about how to build their business, but you have not had guests talk about using large media publications to build drama in business."

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