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27: How To Become A Contributor To (And Why)

Savages, this week marks a major milestone in my career. I’m officially a contributor to!  Seven years of consistently showing up have brought me here and I still have a lot more work to do but first let me share some tips with you. I  will discuss the difference between being featured and being a contributor, the benefits it has for your reputation and why starting with small publications is the path to take to get there. This episode will be straight to the point but this know-how will definitely separate the savage from the average.


How To Become A Contributor To (And Why)

3 Value Bombs

1.“Everyone is seeking an audience. And that's why it's so important that you build one.”

2. “One of the biggest ways of marketing yourself is by becoming a recognized expert”

3. “Remember, all you need to do is 1% more than everyone else, and you will show up 99% of the time, okay.”

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Show Notes 

How To Become A Contributor To (And Why)

[01:02] Celebrating career milestones.

[03:50] Difference between being featured and being a contributor.

[06.16] People view you differently as a contributor.

[08:52] Do some homework on your audience.

[11:40] Set yourself apart by consistently showing up for your audience. 

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The Large Publications Masterclass 

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Well savages. It finally happened I reached a huge milestone for my career. I am now officially a contributor to entrepreneur magazine is a it's been a hell of a journey and you know, obviously this is just the beginning. I still have a lot of work to do.

I still have a lot of big goals like all the rest of you savages, but.I just wanted to talk to you guys. This is my very first time doing a solo podcast because this was so important and I want all of you guys to understand this to learn this to use this and and just be successful.

You know, and one of the biggest ways of marketing yourself is by becoming a recognized expert. You guys know that branding is a recurring theme here on the savage marketer podcast. I'm definitely no stranger to a little branding myself. I've stumbled upon and acts. Generally branded myself over the years and now it's only been about two years of intentional branding maybe two and a half years but to see what what is able to be accomplished in such a short amount of time when you live intentionally when you have very specific goals for your brand and where you want to go and what you want to do, it really changes your perspective.

It just catapults you to where you want to go.So, I'm gonna have a very short podcast this week and I'm literally going to be going over some ways that you can build your brand.How you can become published in the best places for you to be published in and I mean that because there's you know, some of you guys don't need to be published in entrepreneur.

So me guys should be published in CMO CMO magazine, you know, which is by Adobe, you know, that's for corporate, maybe it's a I don't know Forbes, maybe it's a maybe it's Thrive. Global if you're in the coaching space or if you're maybe you want to contribute to the good men project.

So over the past few months. I've become a contributor to the good men project to thrive global that was a couple years ago to the Today show to Forbes to entrepreneur to business to community there's tons of different publications that you can get featured on but I'll tell you this.

It's one thing to be featured because you ever see those those people that have the little fake things and say featured on and I'll say like CBS and Fox and ABC whatever but all those people did was pay some companies to do a PR wire a PR. Newswire type, you know, press release thing that gets blasted everywhere and no one sees and it has zero credibility for you at all.

It's just a paid thing.But to become a contributor is next level, okay that is next level because it takes work that actually takes work it takes strategy it takes technique and I want to start out the podcast here by just giving a shout out to you know, my friend mentor in this space Kimanzi and Cindy Constable  - those guys we've been working together for years.

It's been really fun, you know their clients of mine. I'm clients of theirs is how usually works in the entrepreneurial world right, but you know, they they kind of guided me through the process of how to set myself up and I'll tell you this.You know these publications they don't want to take chances on people that don't have any type of record of writing articles or doing anything and it's very important that you have a blog it's really important that you start putting content out there even if it's linked in articles even if it's medium, you know to start out with because those are easy and then you know, working your way up to different lower level publications that are in your market niche so for me because I'm building virtual teams.

I have a marketing agency virtual assist.Ant agency it makes sense that I'm on entrepreneur it makes sense that I'm on these lower level things like business to community.Business you know just there's just so many even thrive you know like these are these are fantastic places to start out with and you've got to kind of work yourself up, you got to have a really consistent message across all your platform and your mediums and you know social media you got to have a good pitch, you know, these are all things that that I've learned, you know in part a lot to Kimanzi and and Cindy which they were in one of the very first episodes of the Savage Marketer podcast if you guys haven't checked it out just look up Cindy and Kimanzi Constable, you'll learn a little.

Cindy and Kimanzi Constable

Bit more about how to get into these publications, but it's really interesting.How people view you differently when you are contributor because see and I've said this before I'll say it a million times more but everyone is seeking an audience and that's why it's so important that you build one okay and when you are a published author or contributor on you know, different networks and different publications this means you have an audience when you have thousands of followers.

I've got like six thousand seven thousand followers on Facebook and then oh the plus five thousand friends, so let's say twelve twelve thousand eleven twelve thousand facebook. I've got another twelve thousand on instagram maybe four thousand on twitter. I got a about thirty seven hundred people in my facebook group.

I got maybe between all my facebook pages and other six seven thousand followers. I have an email list of ten thousand so let's say fifty sixty thousand in my in my audience, which has taken me six years to a mass, butA lot.Of that has happened in the past couple years.

But what I will tell you is when you speak on stage when you're on podcasts when you're on these publications, it gives you a bigger audience. And this is going to sound crazy but as a marketer the bigger audience that you've got. The more clout that you have the more perceived value that you have the more reputation that you've got in your field.

So,It's kind of weird you know It's it's it's interesting how it kind of all circles back to the personal brand. You know, they they really want to see that you're credible authority that you are going to contribute that you've got really great stuff going on and that you're consistent and that's really the one thing I can tell you that.

I've been since the beginning is consistent. I am relentless on posting content. I've dare you to find a day. I haven't posted something on my Facebook page that or my Facebook profile and that does well.Just find one day.Man.So here's my homework for you guys. I want you to think about.

Where does my audience live?Where does your audience live, where does your audience congested information? Where do they where do they digest information? Do they are they reading entrepreneur are they reading Forbes? You know like,Where is where are they reading their information from for me? I mean, I have a whole stack of entrepreneur magazines here in my house, you know, I that I I'm a new entrepreneur, you know, I went from the public sector to the private sector and then I became an entrepreneur I'm a new entrepreneur.

So, you know, seven years into this entrepreneurial journey and half of that time was spent working at a job and it was my side hustle.You know a lot of you guys listen to the show you're in the same spot You've got something right now that you're that's your main hustle Your main j-ob and you've got your side hustle you're developing it out.

That's why you're tuning in you're trying to learn strategies to grow and build and market you're your new business or yourself. And you know, this is a key aspect. I want you to think about that. What podcasts are these people listening to that your ideal clients, right? Like for me if I'm targeting entrepreneurs entrepreneurs pretty good pretty good gig, right?

Maybe I should be on entrepreneur on fire podcast. John Lee Dumas, I have.Been on there yet. I should I probably reach out to that guy. I should probably reach out to him in in you know, see if I can get on there.Matter of fact that I will how about that?

I'm going to and what I'm going to do follow up here do follow up with you guys on how I did it.So, here's the deal. And here's what I want to impart you with.Where is your audience at?How can you get in front of that audience? Who are the gatekeepers who were people that are in front of that audience?

Like, for example, I was just two weeks ago on entrepreneur radio which is entrepreneurs radio show hosted by Alan Taylor. It's called a entrepreneur weekly and it's syndicated cross, you know, I don't even know how many radio stations probably hundreds around the country and it's also a podcast online.

You know, so.That was a huge way for me to build an audience, right? So think about podcasts you could be on think about publications you can be on you don't have to worry about certain big you're not going to go straight to entrepreneurs started the little ones start building up what you've got start building your blog start getting your social media profiles up to date and consistent across all of them.

And show people that you show up.You got to show up. Remember in marketing if you're truly going to be a savage marketer you need to be top of mind. Top of mind is so important and people forget that and if you can show a pattern of consistency that's going to set you apart remember all you need to do is 1% more than everyone else and you will show up 99% of the time okay?

My Facebook algorithm proves that you follow me on Facebook if you're my friend you.See my post every day Guaranteed, right? You probably see my post a couple times a day, all right? So I want you to remember that because you couldn't either be average or you can be savage and I'm leaving that with you today.

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