Season 2 | Episode 8: How a Father-Son Duo Became “Lego Masters” on TV with Tim & Zach Croll

"Lego Masters" has 12 pairs of Lego enthusiasts competing against each other each week in Lego brick-building challenges. The winning pair at the end of the season get a $100,000 prize and the title of Lego Masters.

Father Tim Croll, a 1991 graduate of what is now Meadville's Crawford Christian Academy, is a business growth strategist living in Gaylord, Michigan. He uses Legos as visual aids in showing clients how to build their businesses and the leadership needed.

He got into building Legos with his children, but especially with Zach, who has been a lifelong Lego collector and builder. The two buy Lego bricks in bulk to make their own creative builds.

How a Father-Son Duo Became "Lego Masters" on TV with Tim & Zach Croll

Conversation Highlights: 

  • Zach’s take on becoming the youngest lego master on US
  • Putting yourself in front of an audience
  • The “next big thing” on the list
  • Being a niche celebrity 
  • How to have the ability to see great talent 
  • The secret to having good relationships

Value Bombs: 

  1. Get the grip and have the ability to go out there and just showcase what you got. — Zach Croll
  2. Your goal should be evolving. Just because you already achieved one goal, doesn’t mean you stop. — Tim Croll


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