How “Humanizing” an Automation Increased Conversion Rates by 59% with Natalie Choprasert

Natalie Choprasert is a mum of 2 crazy boys who are the bane and blessing of her existence. She used to work as a chemical engineer but didn't like to watch paint dry, so she quit her job and then found herself working herself into the ground at an investment firm. She had always dreamed of starting her own business + always had an interest in natural healing.

This was when Life of Cha was born. Now Natalie is living life with two jobs: CEO and Mum!

She's not your typical Insta entrepreneur either - She doesn't like to wear make up or heels. You can almost always spot her wearing black Nike sneakers and activewear (just don't expect to see her at the gym anymore, she's busy running after the kids or behind the computer working and sipping on tea of course!)

How “Humanizing” an Automation Increased Conversion Rates by 59% with Natalie Choprasert

 Segment Timestamps / Episode Highlights: 

• Humanizing the Automation Sequence
• The Importance of Personalizing an Email
• Humanizing of Automation on LinkedIn
• Why it's Important To Have That Human Connection
• What Video Marketing Brings To The Table

Value Bombs: 

In the world of automation where everything is automated today, it's never been more important to be a human. — Jeff J. Hunter

You can't do everything average and expect savage results. You have to go above and beyond. — Jeff J. Hunter

Customize your message. It is important to have just a single hint that you are a human, and not just an automation. — Natalie Choprasert

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