Season 2 | Episode 5: How A Creative Blacksmith Doubled His Prices After Going Viral On Social Media with Max Randolph

Max Randolph is an amazing blacksmith artist who lives and breaths art and is a social media success. 

Social media doesn’t impact your business overnight. In fact, building a presence and seeing the ROI will likely take years. However, if you use social media correctly, it can build long-term relationships that will transcend any ads you might run.

Join me and Max Randolph as we discuss life stories, social media strategies, and how to become a savage!

How A Creative Blacksmith Doubled His Prices After Going Viral On Social Media

Segment Timestamps / Episode Highlights:

[1:12] Why it’s important to be omnipresent on Social Media. 

[2:12] Max Randolph’s first ever viral video that launched his social media career. 

[5:42] Max Randolph’s “Monster Smoker”

[12:24] Social Media must-haves: Proactive & Reactive Social Media Strategies 

[13:38] Max Randolph’s partnership marketing 

[18:00] Undervaluing yourself creates scarcity 

[18:50] How to build a portfolio with little or no experience 

[19:23] How humility will make you a great person 

[25:25 Why raising your price is a brilliant marketing move 

[26:35] Max Randolph’s advice for social media fame 


Value Bombs: 

  1. It’s all of our responsibility in this life to find out what we’re really meant to do. —Max Randolph
  2. Just start. Just get out there. Don’t dip your toes and just jump in. —Max Randolph 
  3. The key is whatever you’re doing, you have to find what works for you. —Max Randolph


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