3 Stupid Simple Ways You Can Create Better Video For Your Business with Ken Okazaki

In 2021 if you are a coach, consultant or professional, then you need to be publishing video content regularly in order to remain relevant and help the world at an even higher level. And you need Ken Okazaki's expertise with that! 

Whether you are looking for free content, paid coaching / consulting, or a done-for-you service, Ken got you covered. He specializes in: 

• Video Marketing Strategy
• Video Production Services
• Video Content Strategy
• Remote Home Studio Setup
• Increase Online Reach
• Camera Confidence
• Video Performance Coaching

Ken Okazaki heads up Oz Media Global and loves helping businesses plan, optimize and launch their video campaigns.

He offers both done-for-you video agency services, done-with-you video coaching programs, and specializes in helping promote and market personal brands. Through working with him, his clients have generated millions of dollars in extra profit from video marketing.

As a side benefit of having worked with world-class clients who are household names, he’s been able to take what’s working for them, systematize the process to help businesses of all sizes.

Ken enjoys working from home and traveling the world to meet face-to-face with business leaders - from first-time entrepreneurs to the biggest speakers globally - to guide them towards growth.

3 Stupid Simple Ways You Can Create Better Video For Your Business with Ken Okazaki

Conversation Highlights:

  • The importance of video marketing for your business
  • The physics of video marketing & how it can boost your business
  • Audio VS Video content
  • Video marketing tips & tricks
  •  Types of content you should create

Value Bombs: 

  1. Video Content Creation is now about pitching and selling constantly. It's about becoming trusted and recognized in your field. — Ken Okazaki
  2. Hussle. The money you make with the phone you have is what you're going to use to reward yourself. —Ken Okazaki
  3. There's a solution to every single problem. But sometimes, it's a "Who". Not a "How". — Jeff J Hunter


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