Season 2 | Episode 6: Turning a $500 Client into a $18,000 a Month Retainer with Jeff Miller

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Jeff Miller, founder of Cool Bean Digital. Jeff began his journey in the newspaper with his father before working for a Fortune 500 company. As he grew tired of the instability, he then set in motion the birth of his ad agency and creating Facebook ads.

Jeff Miller learned early on that $250,000 worth of student debt couldn’t guarantee him happiness in the corporate world… so he decided to become a successful entrepreneur instead.

After being fired from his dream job (3 times), Jeff has gone on to create the successful ad agency Cool Beans Digital and written the book 22 Facebook™ Ad Agency Secrets which has sold over 1,200 copies and counting. Join Jeff in his Facebook Group Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets.

When Jeff isn’t busy landing $10k a month car wash clients he can be found helping other agency owners go from 0 (yes… literally 0) to 6 figures through the help of his company Agency Scaling Secrets.

Turning a $500 Client into a $18,000 a Month Retainer with Jeff Miller

Conversation Highlights: 

  • Jeff Miller’s history & journey. 
  • How Jeff Miller got his first lead. 
  • How Jeff Miller converted his business model from project-based to retainer. 
  • How he turned a $500 into $18,000 per month.
  • How you model your business into a “pay-per-performance” model.


Value Bombs: 

  1. You should manage your way through ups and downs of your business life. - Jeff Miller 
  2. An advertising agency is one of the only businesses in the world where you can pay money and get more money in return. - Jeff Miller 
  3. To know your clients is to actually ask them what they really want & need. -Jeff Miller


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