How to Build an awesome network by providing value in advance with Jay Vics

Jay Vics help small  owners learn, develop, and implement a digital marketing plan for their business. 

His agency, JVI Mobile Marketing has launched a coaching and consulting service called HowTo.Agency. We teach owners, managers, salespeople, and marketing teams how to map out an 8 stage marketing plan on 1 page. This allows them to reach out to their perfect audience as strangers, and over time, turn them into raving fans. The focus is on predictable sales, building trust, and remaining profitable.

Jay's focus is on retail, e-commerce, bowling, family fun centers, coaches, counselors, and small b2b(1-50 employees) companies.

HowTo.Agency can train, coach, consult, or provide fulfillment of marketing services for you so that you successfully move your prospects through the 8 stage customer value journey to becoming raving fans of your organization.

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 Segment Timestamps / Episode Highlights:

Segment Timestamps / Episode Highlights

*Leading with Value first

*Doing new content

*Just start a show

*The Fastest way to help yourself

*The Value in building your network

Value Bombs: 

*One of the best things you can do for your marketing is to start a show. —Jeff J Hunter

*You can get whatever you want by helping enough people get what they want. —Jay Vics

*The goal is to make it comfortable for you to come in front of your audience and tell your story. —Jeff J Hunter

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