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Season 2 | Episode 3: How to Make $400,000 in Sales on AppSumo with Gerard Compte

First things first: what are growth hacking and outbound marketing?

In this episode, I bring you the fuzz of the town “Growth hacking and outbound marketing techniques” with Gerard Compte,  an international trainer and mentor whose passion is to send emails with love.

His experience in the sector allows him to give attendees the best techniques to find new customers thanks to Outbound Marketing and Growth Hacking. He is the creator of FindThatLead, a tool that finds the email of your best future customers.

How to Make $400,000 in Sales on AppSumo with Gerard Compte

Segment Timestamps / Episode Highlights:

[02:50] Gerard’s AppSumo experience

[03:51] Find that lead demo

[07:31] How an amazing product can automate your contacts

[09:27] How to target specific leads

[14:41] Cross-selling and automation advice from Gerard 

[18:10] Customer relations

[19:24] How to automate and organize your contacts

Value Bombs: 

  1. The most important thing in business is to have an amazing product. — Gerard Compte
  2. You have to organize your process if you want to grow more contacts and automate your email better. — Gerard Compte
  3. Whenever you sell a product, make sure it doesn't cost you too much. — Gerard Compte


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