Season 2 | Episode 7: The Most Undervalued Asset of a CEO is an Executive Assistant with Christine Carrillo

Max Randolph is an amazing blacksmith artist who lives and breaths art and is a social media success. 

Social media doesn’t impact your business overnight. In fact, building a presence and seeing the ROI will likely take years. However, if you use social media correctly, it can build long-term relationships that will transcend any ads you might run.

Join me and Max Randolph as we discuss life stories, social media strategies, and how to become a savage!

The Most Undervalued Asset of a CEO is an Executive Assistant with Christine Carrillo

Conversation Highlights: 

  • Why Executive Assistants are important
  • The importance of delegating tasks
  • How her Executive Assistant helped in her fundraising
  • How to build your own playbook
  • Why having a process is important
  • The best qualities to look for an Executive Assistant

Value Bombs: 

  1. The more consistency there is, the more someone knows what to expect. -Christine Carrillo
  2. You haven't made it until you've got some haters. You're doing something right when you have haters. -Jeff J hunter


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