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43: How To Create A “Mini-Course” To Grow Your Business with Kenny Barnwell

How To Create A “Mini-Course” To Grow Your Business with Kenny Barnwell

Savages, this week we will discuss how to level up your business by creating mini-courses! I’ve invited Kenny Barnwell to the show to explain how he leveraged his expertise of Backstage Production, for artists like Seal and Amos Lee, to teaching others how to break into the business. We talk scarcity mindset, how to offer free value to intrigue people, how to use mini-course to build up your clientele and much much more. This episode really breaks down the foundation of creating these classes and anyone with relative expertise can create one. Jump into this Savage Session!

How To Create A “Mini-Course” To Grow Your Business with Kenny Barnwell

  1. “ A lot of people are experts. They're not relevant. A lot of people are relevant. They're not experts. You need to become a relevant expert  because it's such an amazing tool for your brand!” Jeff
  2. “ You want them to have enough of a transformation to where they still have a need for guidance. But they go  ‘dude, like that was awesome’!” Kenny
  3. “if you know who you're actually building these trainings for, then you're going to be ahead of the game in a tremendous way.” Kenny

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How To Create A “Mini-Course” To Grow Your Business with Kenny Barnwell

Show Notes 

How To Create A “Mini-Course” To Grow Your Business with Kenny Barnwell

[03:45] Introducing Kenny to the Show.

[08:25] Pushing past a limited mindset

[12:12] Why the power of branding is so important.

[15:18] The two-step process of mapping to outline your course.

[19:34] How to determine how long the mini-course will be.

[24:17] How to get past the most challenging part of onboarding.

[29:56] Understanding the transformations that take place during the courses.

[34:13] Make sure the end of your course leads to a call to action.

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