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39: How To Get A Meeting With Anyone ft: Stu Heinecke

How To Get A Meeting With Anyone ft: Stu Heinecke

Fellow Savages, have you ever found yourself reaching out to folks who could help make your career or take your business to the next level and they never get back to you? Emails, phone calls, or networking circles just dont help you connect? Don't fret, this week’s conversation introduces you all to Stu Heinecke, he basically wrote the book on how to get a meeting with anyone. Look, we all know connections are an essential part of strategizing. I’ve said it myself, “It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you.” Let’s dig into this episode and get some savage strategies that will get your foot in the door. 

Takeaways that will help you get a call back:

  • Do your homework on the person you want to contact.
  • Use humor or personal gifts to reach out to them.
  • Warm-up to their assistants, they are the VP of access.
Stu’s mission is to help you get someone to go from “Who is this person?” to “Wow, who is this?!” He is named the “Father of Contact Marketing” by the American Marketing Association. He provides unfair advantages to help enterprise/SMB/startup sales teams get more C-level meetings with top accounts faster and more effectively.

39: How To Get A Meeting With Anyone ft: Stu Heinecke

Value Bombs

  1. “Nothing happens in business without connection. If you’re trying to sell something, if you can't get meetings you ain’t gonna sell.” Stu 
  2. “If you want to reach someone important, remember their time is valuable. Email them 12 words or less.” Stu
  3. “You gotta do something to really stand out as a person who has something of value to share or else they’re not going take the time!“ ~ Stu

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Show Notes 

How To Get A Meeting With Anyone ft: Stu Heinecke

[01:16] Why it’s important to get a meeting with anyone.

[04:47] How taking communication beyond social media deepens a connection. 

[08:57] How to get a meeting that will change your life.

[14:01] How to get a call back using humor as a point of agreement.

[20:03] The importance of standing out as a person with something of value.

[23:34] What kind of campaign to use to get a 100% response rate. 

[26:31] Rethink your approach to assistants to gain access to CEOs. 

[32:24] How to get started using strategies from this week’s episode.

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