36: He Became A Top Affiliate With Paid Ads (And Got In Trouble) with Tom Polifka

36: He Became A Top Affiliate With Paid Ads (And Got In Trouble) with Tom Polifka

Savages, if you haven’t already joined the Facebook group you need to! This week’s episode is going to have some visuals for the resources we discuss in the video that is posted in the group. I have Tom Polifka with me and we are talking about paid advertising.

Have you ever gotten into trouble for doing a job too well? Let me introduce you to someone who has, Tom Polifka, a great friend of mine, and an OG Savage Marketer. He is such a beast with things like affiliate marketing that he’s found himself in the heat with major companies like State Farm. This is a greedy show and I knew he’d share the wealth. Check this out here are some incredible takeaways from this episode within the first 10 minutes! 

For your websites with affiliate ads:

  • Make your offers strong and relatable to entice your target audience.
  • Avoid mistakes like Amazon and make sure your speed is up par to evade massive sale drop-offs.
  • Utilize algorithms on platforms like Facebook and Google to expand the reach to your audience.

Amazing right? Here are a few tidbits about Tom before you dive deep into the episode. Tom is an entrepreneur with a love of all things business. He’s had his hand in insurance agencies, golf training businesses, real estate firms, stock trading, and affiliate marketing. His business model is empowering other business owners by teaching them how to profit online through advertising and automation. Tom firmly believes that having multiple sources of income is a key component of financial stability so through his top-rated podcast and his online courses he passes on this knowledge to other entrepreneurs that desire the same thing.

He Became A Top Affiliate With Paid Ads (And Got In Trouble) with Tom Polifka

Value Bombs

1. “People are always like, how do you sell online? You just need a Facebook business page. You don't even need one follower.” Tom

2. “One thing that people don't realize is that there's power in the pixel data itself, not just from advertising.” Tom

3. “You gotta get clear about three main things. Who you serve. What you do for them. And what can you help them achieve? ” Jeff

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36: He Became A Top Affiliate With Paid Ads (And Got In Trouble) with Tom Polifka

Show Notes 

He Became A Top Affiliate With Paid Ads (And Got In Trouble) with Tom Polifka

[01:02] Tom’s journey with paid advertising.

[06:33] Using advertising to test a product and to scale the product if it works.

[11:00] Three most important things that need to work for online advertising success. 

[18:00] The power of pixel and Google Analytics tracking.

[25:46] Utilizing your success from platforms like Tictok to sell products.

[30:34] The power that you bring to your brand, outshines any copycat that tries to profit from your idea.

[36:35] Three main things you need to get clear about your audience. 

[42:49] Using pixels to round up the audience that you may have lost during your initial product launch. 

[49:09] Go to the Facebook group page to share your ideas that were inspired by today’s episode.

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