35: How Changing A Single Word In A Headline Increased Conversions by 37% with Peter King

How changing a single word in a headline increased conversions by 37% Peter King

Savages, I have Peter King here, an incredibly passionate human being, joining me on this week’s episode about profiting from conversions! While working for his father, he resurrected a failed product with great potential, with search engine optimization. This small tweak successfully increased sales from online to traditional channels that led to selling their company at its peak. But that’s not the core message of this week’s episode, Peter found out what he loved to do from that experience, and now his goal is to help others do the same! 

Don't get too caught up in Peter’s backstory. He has some great advice to share from it, but this episode takes a turn that reaches deep into entrepreneurial longevity. Go on to listen to some of these savage takeaways.

  • Make sure your marketing message connects to your audience’s awareness of your product.
  • Copy is currency! Just make small tweaks to an optimized message for better results.
  • Connect to your why so you are fulfilled in what you are doing from day to day.

How Changing A Single Word In A Headline Increased Conversions By 37% with Peter King

Value Bombs

1. “You don't have to come up with the next nuclear fusion reactor to be successful. All you have to do is focus on solving a problem.” Jeff

2. “The really important message here is what are you doing? How is what you're doing every day making the world a better place?” Peter

3. “You got to really listen to your audience. How do you overlay your marketing message to be in 100% alignment with your audience’s awareness of your product.” Peter

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Show Notes 

How Changing A Single Word In A Headline Increased Conversions By 37% with Peter King 

[3:18] Peter’s backstory

[9:26] How crucial it is to align your marketing message with your audience’s awareness.

[13:32] What a turn around looks like when you actively listen to your audiences.

[16:35] How to pivot after a big win brings your clarity.

[20:52] Reflecting on your business and life to see where you went wrong to manifest impact and find your why. 

[26:12] How to stop robbing your audience of your gift and finding your business’ fulfillment element.

[30:34] The satisfaction and gratitude you’ll receive when your business show it cares from the top down.

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