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34: Podcast Suck (If You Don’t Have One) with Sebastian Rusk

34: Podcast Suck (If You Don’t Have One). with Sebastian Rusk

Welcome back to Savage Marketer’s Podcast, it's our 34th episode and I’m loving the results that consistent work is bringing to this show. Today’s guest is also in the podcasting business. His name is Sebastian Rusk and his claim to fame is assisting folks with how to utilize the brilliance of podcasting to leverage their business! 

Sebastian is the Founder of which  is an integrated marketing solution that helps businesses build online communities using social media to create social buzz and local celebrity over their products and services which increases their online presence and word of mouth marketing so they have more customers and die-hard fans. Here are some savage takeaways:

  • Turn your social media profile into a lead magnet for your podcast.
  • Utilize your lead generational podcast to build relationships with ideal clients.
  • Ask yourself the right question to see if podcasting is right for you.

Podcast Suck (If You Don't Have One) with Sebastian Rusk

Value Bombs

1. “The thing about this is that if you're using your podcast as a lead generation tool, and you're actually using it to build relationships with people that are an ideal client for you, it pays for itself” - Jeff

2. “If you get started with a podcast right now, this time next year, you will be so excited with yourself.” - Sebastian

3. “The real hidden value of podcasting is that it helps you solidify and submit yourself as an authority. A thought leader in your space. A go-to figure discussing subjects that are very important and vertically aligned with what you do” - Jeff

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Podcast Suck (If You Don't Have One) with Sebastian Rusk

Show Notes 

Podcast Suck (If You Don't Have One) with Sebastian Rusk

[02:31] Sebastian’s origin story that led to the Podcast Launch Lab.

[07:23] The surprising amount of time it took him to find his ideal client.

[11:48] Sebastian’s number one way to leverage a podcast to grow one’s business. 

[20:12] How he utilizes an hour of work and flips it across different platforms for content.

[22:13] His suggestion for the first thing a person needs to do when they want to start a podcast.

[28:18] Sebastian’s thoughts about why some people shouldn't start a podcast.

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