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33: This “Shark Tank” Contestant Was Rejected Twice, Then Got A Deal Worth Millions FT. Chris Johnson

This “Shark Tank” Contestant Was Rejected Twice, Then Got A Deal Worth Millions FT. Christ Johnson

 Ladies and Gents, we have a special guest this week that has been an amazing contestant and winner of the popular television show Shark Tank. He won a contract with Mark Cuban, Mr. Maverick himself, but then declined the offer and went on to make thousands more by leveraging savage marketing strategies. His name is Chris Johnson and he is here to teach us the benefits of perseverance and execution. 

The savagery in this episode is unparalleled. Chris came into the game with no experience in retail yet because of his intuition and preparedness he is now in over 50,000 retail stores across the country! Prepare yourself for some of these takeaways:

  • Never take no for an answer. Use innovation to find another way in.
  • Study successes and mistakes of others to prepare you for what comes next. 
  • Know what you want out of the deal. If it’s not offered, have faith in your idea, stick to your guns and walk away.

This “Shark Tank” Contestant Was Rejected Twice, Then Got A Deal Worth Millions FT. Chris Johnson

Value Bombs

1. “I think the turbulence and the difficulty and perseverance and persistence is the prerequisite for success as an entrepreneur. ” ~ Chris Johnson

2. “Faith and fear. They're polar opposites but they have one connection and that is they both want you to believe something that hasn't happened yet.” Chris Johnson

3. “So many people don't take the risk, because what they see is the adversity and what if it doesn't work? But they don't see that there's a cost for inaction. ” Chris Johnson

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Show Notes 

This “Shark Tank” Contestant Was Rejected Twice, Then Got A Deal Worth Millions FT. Chris Johnson

[02:55] How preparation and persistence helped launch Chris’s journey on Shark Tank.

[07:26] How crucial it is to be ready to negotiate a counteroffer and remain agreeable and good-natured.

[11:05] Utilizing exposure from a popular platform to successfully market your business even without taking the negotiated deal.

[16:21] How leveraging a one track mind took him from zero to 50,000 retail doors and distribution centers without retail experience.

[19:17] A Shark Tank approach to launch your product from the idea stage in three phases.

[21:02] The costly price of inaction when you have a business idea.

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