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32: They Denied His Job Application And 6 Months Later Bought His Company FT. Jake Neill

32: They Denied His Job Application And 6 Months Later Bought His Company FT. Jake Neill

 Savages, we all know how tough it can be as entrepreneurs when it comes to hustling between clients. This week I want to give you some strategies to put you in a more valuable position for retention and beyond! Get ready to be blown away because I have a guest that will undoubtedly inspire you to take your marketing game up a notch. Meet Jake Neill, a friend of mine that was denied a job application at a top-rated digital marketing agency yet six months later, positioned himself to become the same agency's partner. He went from asking for a job to the job, asking for him! That doesn't get any more savage. Check out these takeaways: 

  • Strategize your intellectual property so you can be acquired by a more prominent agency and get paid to do what you love.
  • Build foot in the door offers to give your clients a quick revenue win, leading to full extensive projects eventually. 
  • Lead your pitches with your end results, not your product. This builds relationships and authority when working with new clients.

They Denied His Job Application and 6 months later bought his company Ft. Jake Neill

Value Bombs

1. “If you want someone to buy what you're selling, you need to think, how is this going to benefit that person?” - Jake Neill

2.“It's important to not just think about how to extract value from this situation, but how can I bring the highest amount of value to the person I'm selling to?” - Jake Neill

3. “Don't lead with your product. Don't lead with your unique methodology. Lead with the end result.‘’ - Jake Neill

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Show Notes 

They Denied His Job Application and 6 months later bought his company. Ft. Jake Neill

[03:30] The rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

[08:34] Adding valuable help to your team that is cost-effective and also helps scale your business

[13:57] Build up the value of what you have to offer your clients so you can pivot your pitch to an offer. 

[14:46] Pitch a valuable product that is a win-win for you and the company you want to merge with.

[20:32] Lower your entry barrier by offering content to get a YES from your future clients.

[31:10] Dial in your process and start to build trust to get access to an endless list of clients. 

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