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28: Right Angle Selling: The Secret Selling Process ft. Wes Schaeffer

Right Angle Selling: The Secret Selling Process ft. Wes Schaeffer

Savages, you are in for a treat! I am joined by a crowd favorite, my own personal mentor Wes Schaeffer!! He is a hit in the Facebook group and has helped groom me to be the Savage Marketer I am today! Wes is known as the Sales Whisperer. He provides tools, skills, and automation to help folks close more sales faster and overcome objections. During this conversation, he does just that by magnifying the importance of the right angle sales approach. Here a few take-a-ways:

  • Become the byproduct of your service so you are the person customers come to for answers.
  • Utilize the power of storytelling to foster customer engagement.
  • Go beyond what your customer says they want and ask questions to find out what they actually need.

  Wes Schaeffer is an author, keynote speaker, and sales training coach. He is known as a straight forward results-oriented leader who truly cares for his clients. When he isnt coaching through various  forums, he is busy being a husband a father to seven.

Right Angle Selling: The Secret Selling Process ft. Wes Schaeffer

3 Value Bombs

1. "Stop trying to close everybody."

2. "You can't do the same marketing as everyone else and expect a different result."

3. "The less you talk about yourself and the more you get them to talk, the faster the deal moves along."

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Right Angle Selling: The Secret Selling Process Wes Schaeffer

Show Notes 

28: Right Angle Selling: The Secret Selling Process ft. Wes Schaeffer

[01:03] The savage strategy that propelled Wes’s business.

[03:11] The advantage of becoming a byproduct of your own product.

[08:01] How outlandish ideas can foster customer engagement.

[15:49] How meeting your customer where they are can set up a successful right-angle sales approach. 

[20:02] What it looks like to lead with value to help your customer base.

[24:15] Making your sales super easy with the three C’s of selling, Curious, Concise, Courteous. 

[30:42] Common questions for people to have a service-based business to tee up their sales leads.

[36:04] How to get to the bottom of your customer’s problem to make the sale. 

[42:55] How to know who is a bad prospect.

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