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12: A $4 Million Email & SMS Marketing Campaign By A “Fake” Person Named Mandy

Paying attention to details can make the difference between a good marketing strategy and a savage level marketing strategy. Today, we are learning how to turn a death-slow business into a success with the three R’s:

- Reach
- Reactivate
- Recon

To explain each one of these steps and how to apply them into any campaign that you’re working on, we’ll have Connie Pak as our guest today.

Episode 12: A $4 Million Email & SMS Marketing Campaign By A “Fake” Person Named Mandy

3 Value Bombs

1. If you want to close a deal, don’t just sell, try to become an asset and a resource.

2. ​Send out your force (team) to keep the lead warm

3. Reactivate clients by having them reach out to you.

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Show Notes 

A $4 Million Email & SMS Marketing Campaign By A “Fake” Person Named Mandy

[01:01] - Introducing the incredible Connie Pack

[02:19] - Turning a medical office into a hot savage story

[03:30] - Applying the three R’s into the medical office’s strategy

[04:36] - The lures inside Connie's strategy

[07:19] - A little tip for reactivating your clients

[08:18] - How to perform recon in your three R’s strategy

[10:08] - On why the money is in the persistence? 

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