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Season 2 | Episode 1: 100 Videos in 2 Hours + The Power of Referrals with Jon Dwoskin

100 Videos in 2 Hours + The Power of Referrals with Jon Dwoskin

The truth is this: there’s a standout winner that can’t be touched by any other method. That winner is referrals. Referral sales require almost no financial investment, but they bring in very valuable warm leads.

In this episode, I sit down with a great friend and fellow Savage Marketer, Jon Dwoskin to discuss how to leverage your business relationships for your business,

Let’s talk about why referrals are so valuable in the first place.

100 Videos in 2 Hours + The Power of Referrals

Segment Timestamps / Episode Highlights:

[03:15] Jon’s take on being a Business Coach & a Content Creator 

[04:19] The Secret Behind Having So Many Videos

[05:51]  Jon’s Recording Methods 

[10:29] Why You Should Let Go of Your Ego 

[12:49] The Cathy Karabetsos Experience 

[16:12] Work Consistency 

[20:47] Appreciate Your Own Growth and Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

[23:06] Best Way to Grow Your Business

[29:30] Creating Incredible Offers and Quality Services

[39:10] Focus on the Growth of Employees. Do not Handcuff Them To Work Forever With You.

Value Bombs:

  1. Leave your ego at the door if you want your business to grow. — Jon Dwoskin
  2. If you can’t get leverage for your business, video is key. — Jon Dwoskin 
  3. Every incredible business always has a recurring theme. It’s consistency. — Jeff J Hunter


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