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10: How To Run Facebook Ads With Influencers With Dennis Yu

In this episode of Savage Marketer, you’ll get to hear from the Master of Facebook Ads and a mentor of mine, Dennis Yu. You’ll learn some of the most effective and incredibly ingenious hacks to target influencer’s audiences.

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The 10 Commandments to Designing a Best Selling Book-Cover with Pamela Sisson

An effective marketing strategy is a must for the success of even the best product of industry. Reaching the minds of target buyers in the right way is essential for making sales. [tcb-script src=””][/tcb-script] Episode 9: The 10 Commandments to Designing a Best Selling Book-Cover with Pamela Sisson 3 Value Bombs 1. Take note of what […]

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Shift Your Way To Success – with Kevin Phun

Your mindset affects every aspect of your life and is influential your success. This is especially true when you are a marketer. We’ve all heard “what you believe you can achieve ” and we find that statement very powerful for the clients we work with every day. Sit with me and Kevin Phun and let’s […]

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Bounce Back from Setbacks – with Tasha Cooney

Shooting content videos is part technique and part instinct. Depending on the type of content you’re shooting, you may have to shoot on the fly “following the action” or everything may already be planned out in advance. Sit with me and Tasha Cooney, and let’s talk about how she bounced back from her career’s setbacks. […]

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Dream Big, Start Small – with Abigail Garland

A positive thought almost always makes a big difference. In this marvelous digital age, it’s easier for us to assume the worst. Except kids. Like Abigail Garland who dominated the internet with her slime for a cause. Episode 6: Dream Big, Start Small – with Abigail Garland3 Value Bombs1. Don’t get obsessed with just your […]

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The Million Dollar Question for a Million Dollar Business – with Vanessa Shaw

What if there was a SINGLE question that you asked that held you back from a million dollars?Would you want to know that question? Don’t worry, Vanessa Shaw and I are going to share it with you Episode 5: The Million Dollar Question for a Million Dollar Business3 Value Bombs1. Start by thinking BIG. 2. Your […]

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How to Buy Property with No Banks or Money Down – with Cory Calvin

Let’s talk about all-things real estate with award-winning real estate savage Cory Calvin. It’s everything you need to know about your home, from buying and selling to improving its value even the current state of the market. Episode 4: YouTube Marketing Secrets from a 7-Figure YouTube Channel3 Value Bombs1. There is no such thing as […]

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YouTube Marketing Secrets from a 7-Figure YouTube Channel – with Sean Cannell

In this episode, Sean Cannell breaks down the secrets to ranking in YouTube. Jeff gets a little selfish (as usual) and asks him for some advice on how to rank our Savage Marketer Youtube videos and reveals how to get traction on YouTube. Episode 3: YouTube Marketing Secrets from a 7-Figure YouTube Channel3 Value Bombs1. […]

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How to Cold Pitch the Media and Contribute to Big Publications – with Cindy and Kimanzi Constable

Imagine being in your corporate job and wanting something bigger for yourself (we’ve all been there).You reach out to a coach for help for achieving those big dreams.That coach suggests you pitch one of the biggest and most influential women in business… Arianna Huffington.You’re scared less, but you do it anyway.Your pitch lands! And she […]

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1: Branding Afflictions: 9 Things to Never Do with your Marketing with Doug Harrison

In this episode of the Savage Marketer Podcast:Doug Harrison was the founder of the Harrison Group, which he established in 1996, and where he served as CEO.  The Harrison Group was a research and consulting company that became the leading resource for monitoring the hearts, minds, and spending of the wealthy and affluent populations around […]

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