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YouTube Marketing Secrets from a 7-Figure YouTube Channel – with Sean Cannell

In this episode, Sean Cannell breaks down the secrets to ranking in YouTube. Jeff gets a little selfish (as usual) and asks him for some advice on how to rank our Savage Marketer Youtube videos and reveals how to get traction on YouTube. Episode 3: YouTube Marketing Secrets from a 7-Figure YouTube Channel3 Value Bombs1. […]

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How to Cold Pitch the Media and Contribute to Big Publications – with Cindy and Kimanzi Constable

Imagine being in your corporate job and wanting something bigger for yourself (we’ve all been there).You reach out to a coach for help for achieving those big dreams.That coach suggests you pitch one of the biggest and most influential women in business… Arianna Huffington.You’re scared less, but you do it anyway.Your pitch lands! And she […]

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1: Branding Afflictions: 9 Things to Never Do with your Marketing with Doug Harrison

In this episode of the Savage Marketer Podcast:Doug Harrison was the founder of the Harrison Group, which he established in 1996, and where he served as CEO.  The Harrison Group was a research and consulting company that became the leading resource for monitoring the hearts, minds, and spending of the wealthy and affluent populations around […]

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